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In tis section we will share with you our “coups de coeur” concerning events, exhibits, loations that we have really enjoyed. We will also provide cooking receipes of the dishes we enjoy preparing for t breakfast and “table d’hôtes” luches an diners.

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Lemon squares

We like to have a lot of different things for breakfast, and one of the favourite cakes is the Lemon squares


100gr sugar powder

170 flower

120 gr butter

1 spoon of milk


Preheat oven at 170 C.

All ingredients in bowl, mix to obtain a smooth paste

Cover a plate (20cm X 30 cm) going into oven with baking paper- flatten and cover base of plate evenly. 25 min until light brown and let cool down.



1+ ½ soup spoon Maizena

160 ml plain liquid cream

6 eggs

275 sugar powder

1 +1/2 table spoon lemon zeste ( +/- 2 lemons)

180ml lemon juice

Preparation :

In a bowl put Maizena and 2 spoons of cream- mix until smooth. Ad remaining cream, eggs, sugar, zeste and juice.


Put the mix in pan with thick bottom. Steer until slightly thickens (10 min).

Poor over crust, back in oven for 5 min till firm.

When cold slice in squares.


Bon appétit !








Out at sea


Our guests gives us lots of good ideas and one of the better ones has been to get an inflatable canoe. In the middle of the summer when the beaches are pretty full – off we go in PS Paloma! (PS short for paddle ship). We still need to work a bit on the paddling technique as for the moment we tend to be going mainly zig-zag not yet having mastered the straight line. It goes in to a back-pack (with a bit of effort) and we just park down by the coast and 10 minutes later – out at sea!


On the way to villa Kerylos

David Nivens pretty villa

Chocolate mousse pie

GLUTEN FREE pie, no butter and no cooking

For the paste: Mold: 28cm diameter covered with plastic film to prevent the paste from sticking to the mold.

165 gr poudre amande,
100 gr chocolat amère (70%),
3 cuillères soupe d’eau,
5 cuillères soupe sucre

  • Faire fondre le chocolat dans eau au bain-marie
  • Mélanger sucre, poudre d’amande et chocolat
  • Étaler dans le moule puis mettre au réfrigérateur pour durcissement.

Pour la Mousse

200 gr chocolat,
20 gr sucre,
5 œufs
Eau pour faire fondre chocolat au bain-marie
Zeste d’orange

  • Séparer les blancs d’œufs des jaunes
  • Mettre les jaunes d’œuf dans le chocolat
  • Monter les 5 blancs d’œufs en neige et ajouter le zeste d’orange
  • Mélanger délicatement le chocolat fondu et les blancs d’œufs
  • Mettre dans le moule puis au réfrigérateur/ (vous pouvez également mettre au congélateur..)

Bonne dégustation.

Sydney et Karin, B&B La Parare